Covid -19 Updates

Thank you for considering Dogwood Hills as a place to come with your family  to get away while still maintaining a safe environment.  We are dedicated to providing a wonderful farm experience while still keeping the safety of our guests and staff in mind.

Many sanitary precautions are already in place because we are constantly between the barn and the Loft - here's what you need to know to be COVID-19 compliant at Dogwood Hills:

~Frequent hand washing, and prior to and after handling animals - hot water, soap and paper towels 

~Open space outdoors and in the barn with our barn doors open for fresh air and fans running. Please have masks available at chore time. 

As things are changing, please let us know what you would like to do with your stay.  

~Single family /group at a time. 


We are happy to seat you in the Loft where you can still see what's going on as well as interact with us.  We ask that you have masks to wear inside until you are seated.  


~Increased spacing during mealtime on the farm as well as the option for self prep.  Breakfast basket is provided each evening if you choose this.  

~The animals still love being petted, groomed and loved on.  We do ask that you refrain from critter kisses :)

~We are leaving a 30 hr gap between reservations.  This allow for thorough airing and cleaning of the guest cottage.  We are using UV-C lights in each room for sanitation as well as sanitizers on all touch surfaces.

We also are leaving sanitizing wipes for you use during your stay.

~Separate restroom for guests and staff while you are by the barn.  Your family will be the only ones using that rest room during your stay.  

Most guests requesting a reservation are already using recommended precautions prior to their stay and during their travel to us.  We greatly appreciate that and ask that you avoid contact with COVID positive individuals and avoid high risk areas prior to your stay.  This helps us maintain a safe environment for those visiting the farm as well as keeping us healthy to continue doing the daily farm work.  If you have a reservation and you are exposed or are showing any symptoms, we will gladly reschedule the stay, even the day of travel.  

Please feel free to call us with any questions you may have.  We are here to help!  870-448-4870