Farm & Table

I really love working with my youngest daughter on the farm and in the kitchen! The farm to table dinners in our Loft here at Dogwood Hills are a culmination of what we do every day.

Our morning start before sun up taking care of the business things, emails, event planning, social media, volunteer recruitment and the such. Then the sun comes up and we head outside- working in the fodder house pulling hydroponic barley to feed, milking the cows and all the other tasks of care and keeping on a homestead. After that it's up to the Loft for breakfast- sometimes just us and other times with our farm stay guests.

Midday it's kitchen prep and then the final details that go into a five course dinner. Every plate that goes out is a portrait of life on the farm- both ours and those in the community.

Photos By Dana Treat Photography, Arkansas Tourism (Casey Crocker) and Ruth Pepler

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