Dew Line Dairy is a mother ~daughter operation all the way.  Established in 2020 this completely women owned and operated business is run by Grace and Ruth Pepler. 


 We are a "Fodder to Fork"

 Certified Micro Dairy providing the dairy products for the Loft  at Dogwood Hills


 Miss Dew Drop


Dew Line Dairy's milk never leaves the farm. It is used to  makes the unique ricotta cookies, soft cheeses, buttermilk and yogurt that we use in the Loft.

We grow hydroponic barley for the dairy cows.  They love the year round daily harvest of greens.  We then hand milk, pasteurize on site and then take it up to our Loft kitchen where it becomes a full fat ricotta.  From there we add farm fresh eggs, our special GF flour, organic sugar and a variety organic flavors from the chocolate chips to the house made vanilla and freshly squeezed lemons.  Each ricotta cookie is baked fresh and hand wrapped.  The cookies are ready to ship or pick up on the farm.

Ruth , Thomas and Grace with Drizzle and her friend Corrie along with the many ducks and geese on the farm.